ALMaSS  1.0
The Animal, Landscape and Man Simulation System
Todo List
Member ALMaSS_MathFuncs::~ALMaSS_MathFuncs ()
Lars: not sure this is needed here
Member cfg_goose_bn_baseweight ("GOOSE_BARNACLEWEIGHT", CFG_CUSTOM, 1708, 1500, 2000)
Currently male weight. Should Male, Female, Juvs not have different weights?
Member cfg_goose_gl_baseweight ("GOOSE_GREYLAGWEIGHT", CFG_CUSTOM, 2795, 2500, 3000)


From Leif Nilsson (male weight)

Member FarmManager::TranslateCropCodes (std::string &str)

Create a OSpringWheat crop class and management

Create a OSpringRape crop class and management

Member Goose_Base::Init (Goose_Population_Manager *p_NPM, double a_weight, bool a_sex, APoint a_roost)
Quick fix for spring migration weights
Member Goose_Population_Manager::BirdsShot (int a_polyref, int a_numbershot, GooseHunter *a_Hunter)
Add input parameter to docu
Member Goose_Population_Manager::DoLast ()
Where is the grazing resource depleted?
Once that is done then we need to produce output - we produce three output files here - the first with the goose information at individual level. The second is field information about where the geese forage. In both cases the data is written to these files when between start and end year, and start and end day (inclusive).
The third output is the a description of the population sizes of each type of goose we simulate (these are numbers extant in the area being simulated).
Member Goose_Population_Manager::GetForageLocIndex (GooseSpecies a_species, int a_x, int a_y)
add documentation
Member Goose_Population_Manager::m_IntakeRateVSMaizeDensity_BN
Member Goose_Population_Manager::ObservedOpennessQuery ()
The string is padded by blank spaces - can this be fixed?
Member GooseActiveForageLocation::GetGooseDensity (void)
Testing a new implementation which uses flock size and not density.
Member GooseMemoryMap::ChangeSetFoodRes (int a_polyid, double a_grain, double a_maize, double a_grazing)
Speed-up Identified as the program bottleneck. The problem is that in most cases this is called we run all the way to the end of the vector and don't find our polygon.
Member Landscape::GetHareFoodQuality (int a_polygon)
Decide where to classify new LE types for hare 1
Member PolyArray2QualSum (void)
Decide on classification for new tole types for roe deer 4
Member Rabbit_Population_Manager::WarrenLegalPos (int &a_x, int a_y)
Use a temporary binary map to achieve this without the loop - speed optimisation if we have time.
Member Roe_Base::CalcCover (TTypesOfLandscapeElement a_ele, int a_poly)
Decide on classification for new tole types for roe deer 3
Member Roe_Base::LegalHabitat (int p_x, int p_y)
Decide on classification for new tole types for roe deer 2
Member Roe_Base::NutriValue (int p_x, int p_y)
Decide on classification for new tole types for roe deer 1